ANGAKOK - Available here.

  • 1. Perpaluktok Aitut
  • 2. Sacrifice
  • 3. Collapsing
  • 4. Aksarpok
  • 5. Samsara
  • 6. Avioyok
  • 7. Dead birds
  • 8. Trust My Scorn
  • 9. Empty cup
  • 10. Sivudlit Nertorpok

EP 2012

  • 1. The Angakok
  • 2. Collapsing The Truth
  • 3. Siberian Litany


  Angakok is a minimalistic, loud and chaotic Doom trio. Their fat, agressive sound and singing leads you through a rough ride between dark and shamanic places. They evolves further away from the tenets of the genre that birthed them, and embraces more fully their own unique and confident blending of multiple kinds of Doom, Sludge and Drone Metal. There's an aggression and a fierceness to this album in places that is unprecedented for the band, but the overall result is a complex, dynamic, highly emotional piece of dark Doom Metal that's unified in feeling, if not rigid genre dogma.

- Fisrt track, "Porsinauleq", is released on R.A.I.G. (Ru) "Dirgenera Compendium" compilation.

- Serie of shows in Liège area and share stages with bands such as: Altar Of Plagues, Fuck the Facts, Sofy Major, Monarch, Deep In Hate,...

- 3 tracks demo recorded in Liège (2012) by Jecore.

- "The Angakok" (1st demo's track) is released on Pavillon 666 (webzine - Fr) "Revelation Underground" compilation #18 (2013).

- Main stage @ Fiesta du Rock 2013 (Flémalle - Be 22/6).

- LOUD Festival by Court-Circuit @ Le Botanique (Final showcase 14/12/2013)

- Serie of shows in Belgium with bands such as: Zatokrev, Galvano, Promethee, Suma, Pyramido, Noothgrush,Regarde Les Hommes Tomber, The Great Old Ones, LOUD Tour 2014 by Court-Circuit.

- "Collapsing The Truth" is released on Belgian Metal Inc's first compilation (03/2014)

- First album "Angakok" released on 17 May 2015